My 4 day weekend “was” great. Anyway just shoot me now. 🔫

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Future trouble

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#HappyEaster #420

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#HappyEaster #Easter

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Happy birthday Sofia!!! #FoamPit (at Get Air Surf City)

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#BlackBird (at California Science Center)

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Going back to where you come from to realize why you left #PropsOverHere #Complex

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Don’t feed the ducks (at Lake Balboa, Encino, California)

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by @yoleebella “My babies forever !!!” via @PhotoRepost_app #milo2010

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by @yoleebella “Birthday boy with daddy !!!” via @PhotoRepost_app #milo2010

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Happy 4th birthday Milo!!! You are growing up too fast. #milo2010

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You know you are in a Filipino household when there is a #BalikbayanBox just chilling in the living room. #Pinoy (at Victorville, CA)

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Shooting hoops at my Mom’s house. (at Victorville, CA)

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Totem j0al #selfie (at Old Navy Northridge Mall)

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Genius (at Apple Store, Northridge)

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