Taking a train ride around the mall used to be weird to me. Now it’s the norm. (at Northridge Fashion Center)

  06:50 pm, by j0al

Batmobile(s) #GalpinCarShow #Galpin (at Galpin Auto Sports - G.A.S.)

  11:25 am, by j0al

The next generation. London & Milo. (at Mexi Casa)

  04:11 pm, by j0al

It’s hella hot in the OC. I think Milo is well done. #dubshow #DUB (at Angel Stadium of Anaheim)

  01:50 pm, by j0al

I asked Milo which car is his favorite. It might be too big to fit in our garage. #dubshow #DUB (at Angel Stadium of Anaheim)

  01:48 pm, by j0al

Milo is a born wingman #dubshow #DUB #anacheri (at Angel Stadium of Anaheim)

  12:54 pm, by j0al 1

#DUB show with Milo (at Angel Stadium of Anaheim)

  12:30 pm, by j0al

Took Milo to Starbucks and he wanted a Iced, Half Caff, Ristretto, Venti, 4-Pump, Sugar Free, Cinnamon, Dolce Soy Skinny Latte so I got him an orange juice instead. (at Starbucks)

  10:04 am, by j0al

They don’t even know that they are actually doing chores

  08:37 pm, by j0al

I’m doing nothing is relative I guess…

  01:12 pm, by j0al

at Moorpark Park

  12:48 pm, by j0al

My dog Bodhi is getting old & grumpy #nationaldogday #bulldog

  07:14 pm, by j0al

I see you @eddiegreymusic #eddiegrey (at 405 Fwy)

  07:55 am, by j0al

Breakfast in the park with Milo Alexander & Eli Sebastian #NextGeneration (at Lake Balboa Park)

  09:44 am, by j0al

#sharknado and #sharknado2 (at Shark Lagoon at Aquarium of the Pacific)

  02:02 pm, by j0al